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Perio Plus


Perio plus products contain Chlorhexidine in addition to Citrox® natural bioflavonoids – extracted from bitter oranges – to reinforce the antibacterial effect. Alcohol free.

Citrox® and Chlorhexidine: Fighting harmful oral bacteria together

Recommended for gum inflammation and periodontitis

Protects teeth, gums and oral mucosa – the tissue that lines the mouth – from plaque regrowth

A great taste - and it won’t irritate the taste buds. Alcohol free


Natural protection against bacteria

Perio plus products feature the proven qualities of Chlorhexidine strengthened by Citrox® natural bioflavonoids – extracted from bitter oranges. Citrox® also brings antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Mouthwashes, gel and toothpaste with Chlorhexidine

What do the Forte, Protect, Balance and Regenerate mouthwashes, the Focus gel and the Support toothpaste have in common? They all combine proven Chlorhexidine with Citrox® natural bioflavonoids… to bring the uniquely strong antibacterial effect of Perio plus + products.

The mouthwash that tastes great

A mouthwash with Chlorhexidine that doesn’t taste bitter? Try Perio plus. It tastes amazing, thanks to the expertise of world-renowned Swiss flavour specialists Givaudan. And it won’t irritate the taste buds.

Effective protection. No alcohol.

In addition to the power of Chlorhexidine and Citrox®, Perio plus mouthwashes also contain the copolymer VP-VA. This creates a strong, protective film on the teeth and gums which combats bacteria without drying out the mouth. Alcohol? No thanks.

Super Chlorhexidine.

Chlorhexidine has been prescribed by dentists for decades - because it works. Now we’ve reinforced the antibacterial effect of Chlorhexidine with natural Citrox®. They’re quite the power couple.

What’s Citrox®?

Citrox® comes directly from nature. From bitter oranges (citrus aurantium). It’s a combination of bioflavonoids to combat bacteria – and it’s really good for your teeth and gums.

What are bioflavonoids?

Bioflavonoids, also known as flavonoids, are natural substances found in the plant kingdom that give fruit, vegetables and flowers their vivid colours. Some flavonoids are also marvels of nature thanks to their effect on bacteria – as well as their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

What’s Chlorhexidine?

Chlorhexidine has been used in dentistry for decades. It’s common in mouthwashes because of its antibacterial qualities. It’s also used for cleaning wounds.

Why Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid sounds a bit scary. But it’s actually an incredible moisture-binding substance that’s produced naturally by the human body. In oral care, it’s particularly helpful after procedures such as tooth extraction. It regulates moisture, supports cell growth and accelerates regeneration.

What a combination

The proven antibacterial effect of Chlorhexidine… reinforced by natural Citrox®. Combined – in Support mouthwash, Focus gel and Support toothpaste – with Hyaluronic Acid to promote effective regeneration of oral tissues. Put them all together and you get intensive oral care.

Instructions for use

Perio plus forte 

Post-op and for subsequent days: Morning and evening, rinse 10 ml undiluted for 60 seconds.

Period of use
3 to 7 days.

For oral application only. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.

Perio plus focus 

Morning and evening, dab a small amount of the gel onto the affected area.

Period of use
3 to 7 days.

For precise gum care. Keep out of reach of children.

Perio plus support 

Use instead of regular toothpaste each morning and evening.

Period of use
1 month.

For oral application only. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.

Interdental brushes

Effective brushing
in the spaces
between your teeth

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