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Tongue scraper

Fresh breath confidence

Simply scrape from the back of the tongue to the tip of the tongue – almost without any pressure. Removes the bacteria and other deposits responsible for bad breath. You’re always two seconds away from fresh breath confidence.

Fresh breath… from the first time you use the tongue scraper

Choose between single or double-bladed scrapers

Four colours. One goal – removing unpleasant bacteria from your tongue


So quick. So effective.

It takes two seconds to enjoy fresh breath confidence. You can see – and smell – the difference from the first time you try it. Unlike other scrapers, it’s designed to reduce the chances of feeling nauseous.

Farewell bad breath

Make these tongue scrapers a valuable part of your daily oral health routine. The bacteria that build up on your tongue cause bad breath. See – and smell – the difference from the first time you try it.

A dry mouth leads to bad breath

Saliva is the best protection. It naturally cleans the teeth, gums and tongue… and combats bacteria and bad breath.

The right toothpaste

Some toothpastes dry out your mouth. The best toothpastes encourage the flow of saliva… namely the [BE You.], Black is white and Enzycal toothpastes.

Is chewing gum good for you?

Black is white enzymatic whitening chewing gum is. But not just because it gives you lemon-minty-fresh breath. It actually starts a flow of saliva. Chew your way to a healthier mouth and whiter teeth.

Interdental brushes

Effective brushing in the spaces
between your teeth

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CS 5460

Uniquely gentle, uniquely efficient

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Enzycal toothpaste

Gentle, mild,

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