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CS single toothbrush

When less is more

Plaque on the teeth and in the gumline. Discoloured particles. The CS single cleans up – even in those hard-to-reach-spots. It’s like having a personal dental hygienist in your bathroom.

A single tuft. Precise, exceptional care

6mm-long ultra-fine Curen® filaments

No need for toothpaste. Perfect on-the-go

Cleans in those hard-to-reach spots… even with braces


We ❤️ CS single

Toothbrush aficionados love making those precise, gentle movements along the gumline – cleaning in places where it hardly seems possible. Even between teeth and braces, brackets or retainers.

Why “CS single”?

Because all the hard work is carried out by a single tuft. Which is why it’s perfect for tooth-by-tooth and gumline cleaning. It’s the ultimate way to clean your teeth. It’s time to spend a bit of quality time with yourself.

Small brush…
big difference

Bigger is not always better. Small brush head. Huge cleaning power.

Old ways. New technology.

Old ways. New technology.In the olden days – before the modern toothbrush was invented – people were already brushing their teeth. They chewed twigs or roots until the ends frayed… and used them as toothbrushes. The CS single is inspired by this tradition.

Delicately does it

The filaments of the CS single are stiffer than the filaments in our other toothbrushes. Carefully place the outer bristles of the tuft head so they only just enter the gumline. As you carefully clean, tooth-by-tooth, the filaments fan up and clean in the gumline.

Always by your side

There’s no need for toothpaste. So you can clean with the CS single whenever you like… while watching a movie, reading a book, waiting for a bus, travelling to work on the train…

CS single and chill.

It takes a little practice to master those precise, gentle movements along the gumline. Once perfected, it’s the ultimate way to brush. Happy brushers do it while reading Facebook or watching a movie.

Clean the right way

Guide the CS single along your gumline with precise, gentle, movements – almost without any pressure. Curaprox developed the CS single specifically for this brushing method – known as ‘the solo technique’.

Hold your brush vertically and apply to one side of the tooth’s surface

Carefully move the filaments of the brush head so they’re just touching the gumline

Now move the CS single with precise, gentle, “shaking” movements along the gumline – from one side of the tooth to the other

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