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Dummies, Soothers, Pacifiers: The Ultimate Guide

Dummies, soothers, pacifiers. We make it easy for you to choose a soother that works in harmony with your baby’s development… instead of potentially harming their development.

min read
Oct 2019
min read
Oct 2019

Why this guide?

Dummies for babies

This guide is for you if:

  • You find that a soother is an effective way to calm your baby… but you’re worried it could lead to problems such as breathing issues – or jaw and tooth displacements
  • You want to find out the facts once and for all… because you want the best for your child
  • You’d like to know about a soother that’s a breakthrough in both oral health and general health for babies

Baby soother side effects

Pacifiers: Are they good for your child? Learn about the dangers of soothers…

When teenagers need orthodontic treatment, it’s often because they used a dummy – or sucked their thumb – as a young child

“In western Europe, 70-80% of children have a dummy and one in two of them develop a crossbite or an open bite,” says Dr of Dental Science Herbert Pick.

In fact, only 20% of such “malocclusions” are genetic.

A crossbite occurs when the jaw does not properly align – the lower jaw is wider than the upper jaw. It can lead to problems including jaw pain and damage to the teeth or gums.

An open bite is when the front and lower teeth do not touch each other when the mouth is closed.

Are soothers bad for babies?

Children with such problems are more prone to mouth breathing – breathing through the mouth rather than the nose…

… which, in turn, leads to an insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain.

This can cause developmental disorders.

Dr Herbert Pick, who developed the Curaprox soother, says: “There is a clear link between jaw abnormalities and a tendency towards mouth breathing, which can lead to problems such as disturbed sleep and difficulty concentrating.

“Poor posture has also been cited in the literature as a consequence of mouth breathing, along with speech and concentration disorders and even hyperactivity and heart conditions.”

Dr. Herbert Pick
Developer of the Curaprox pacifier

Developing the ultimate soother

How and why we developed the best pacifiers…

For Dr Pick, a distinguished orthodontist in Kufstein, Austria, developing the ultimate soother became a personal mission… after his son developed a crossbite.

“I felt challenged, not just as a father but also as an orthodontist, and I wanted to know exactly why this crossbite happens and how it can be prevented,” he says.

As with all our baby products, the Curaprox soother was developed using our “biofunctionality” ethos…

… thinking about cause and effect – and creating products that promote growth in a natural way.

And all our Curaprox baby products are toxin-free so:

  • No harmful substances
  • No Bisphenol A (BPA), no Phthalate, no azo-dyes
  • They’re completely harmless for the little ones

Introducing a revolution in soothers… for both the oral health – and the overall health – of your child…

We recommend:

Curaprox soother

Why the Curaprox soother is the ultimate orthodontic dummy…

The Curaprox soother, developed by orthodontists:

  • Calms your baby… without the danger of jaw deformation or dental displacement
  • Prevents their teeth from moving
  • Prevents difficulties with their overall health
  • Supports –  instead of hinders – the normal development of their gums, teeth, palate and jaw…
  • … and supports language development and the natural swallowing process
  • Ensures optimal breathing
  • And therefore calms and relaxes parents and babies alike!

PLEASE BEWARE: A number of manufacturers state their pacifiers are “orthopaedic” – without any real substance to back up their claim.

How the Curaprox soother works in harmony with your baby's development

You will notice straight away the Curaprox soother – with its flat suction tip and side wings –  looks different from all the others…

The flat tip:

  • Gives the tongue plenty of room…
  • … supporting the development of your child’s natural swallowing process…
  • … and ultimately helping with its language development
  • This also helps to ensure the palate doesn’t take on an abnormal, high-arched shape…
  • … and so it prevents teeth from moving…
  • … promotes healthy breathing and restful sleeping…
  • … helps to restore concentration…
  • … and makes sure enough oxygen gets to the brain.

The side wings:

  • Guide the suction pressure to the jaw rather than the palate…
  • … ensuring the dental arch develops a nice, round shape…
  • … giving the milk teeth – which act as the placeholders for adult teeth – the space they need

The special, soft silicone membrane:

  • Creates the same, pleasant sensation as a natural nipple
  • Supports the natural swallowing process

Three sizes and three colours:

Sized based on your child’s weight… because children’s jaws develop according to weight rather than age:

  • Soother size 0: Up to 7kg. (0-approx 7 months.)
  • Soother size 1: Up to 10kg. (Approx 7-18 months.
  • Soother size 2: Up to 14kg. (Approx 18-36 months.)

All good things must come to an end!

To help healthy jaw development, we recommend you dispose of soothers by your child’s third birthday at the latest.

The cleaning and transport box:

  • Practical. Essential.

Award-winning design:

  • The soother, holder and box won a top European design award – The Red Dot Award 2016
  • Curaprox was praised for its “high design competence”.

We recommend:

Curaprox soother holder

The  best dummy clips…

  • Stop the soother falling on the floor – where it can get dirty and contaminated
  •  Just clip it on! It’s simple and secure. It won’t get lost. It’s always there for your child.
  • In three colours to match the Curaprox soother
  • Can also be used with the Curaprox teething ring
  • “Toxin-free” – and completely safe to use

We recommend:

Curaprox soother: some astonishing results

Dr Pick says the Curaprox soother is so effective, “even young patients with an extremely open bite see a dramatic improvement in their condition when they use the dummy”.

“I once had a three-year-old patient with an extremely open bite, for example, and within around 18 months we managed to more or less completely correct it.

“As soon as we spot the first signs of crossbite, we can use the dummy to stop the condition from becoming manifest. At this stage, our dummy seems to facilitate the widening of the palate in a way that causes the emerging crossbite to revert back to a normal bite.”

Dr Pick’s findings are backed up by research from the children’s dental clinic at the University of Basel.

We recommend:

Your child's journey to brushing

Curaprox Baby products are the fun way to help your child easily move towards enjoying regular brushing…

Curaprox teething ring

The Curaprox teething ring, developed by Dr. of Dental Science Nadja-Marina Kellerhoff:

  • Makes teething more pleasant – for your child and for you!
  • Promotes the development of sensory and motor skills
  • Makes infants excited and curious about brushing
  • Eliminates teething pain with a firm bite
  • Features a number of exciting surface textures to explore
  • Is recommended by paediatricians and dentists
  • Is “toxin-free” – and completely safe to use

Curaprox baby toothbrush

The Curaprox baby toothbrush, developed by Dental Professor Adrian Lussi:

  • Makes cleaning teeth fun and joyful – enjoy quality parent-child time
  • Offers gentle, exceptional cleaning
  • Cares for the teeth with extra-fine, gentle Curen® filaments
  • Protects the oral mucosa – the tissue that lines the mouth – with the rubberised brush head
  • Reaches all areas of the mouth with its compact brush head… so you can make sure every tooth is cleaned properly
  • Ensures children get into the habit of holding their toothbrush correctly, with gentle pressure – thanks to the rounded handle
  • Is recommended by dentists
  • Is “toxin-free” – and completely safe to use

We recommend:

Further information...

Ask your dentist or midwife

So now you should be an expert on how a pacifier can actually work in harmony with your child’s development!

Please ask your dental professional or midwife if you want more information about caring for your child’s oral health.